About Me

My name is Stephanie. I am not married (I am engaged though) and I don’t have any kids.  I’m also not “thinking” about having any. . . at least for right now.  I have 3 wonderful pups and they give me plenty of joy.  My career and I have a love/hate relationship.  Sometimes, I want to cry and give up; switch professions altogether.  And other times “my why” or reasons for doing what I do make me feel good.  Turns that frown upside down.  But it’s still hard.


I’ve been preparing tax returns for 12 years now (its July 7, 2017) and it’s hard to believe sometimes that this is what I’m doing.  But, then I wonder how people are going on in life without some of this knowledge or understanding.

I was chosen for this job before I had even completed my first year of college. So, to say that I was in-experienced for the type of work would be an understatement. I think, looking back, the part that is so surprising to me is that I was literally running  a business, plus the type of business it was.  I know I wasn’t the best when I first started out and I want to give a big shout out to the clients who have stuck it out with me for so long.


Now though, I get it. It all makes sense.  And some of the most “successful” people I know don’t have a clue about what I am about to drop on the world. And it’s not rocket science people, its being able to switch “hats” as need be; even when your top dog and have resources below you.  Be a boss, always, with everything.