What I do –

First, the interview.

In the interview, I run down all types of questions from Married or single, age, kids,  how many kids, job status and type, and many more random questions.  This helps determine what schedules and forms you require, or if you need help preparing your books for your business.


Tax Preparation and planning.  This should be right up there with signing a mortgage and paying it too. Its part of your daily life whether or not you want to acknowledge it.

Drafting financial statements which lead to preparing tax returns.

Guide you to be organized and mindful of your everyday purchases and income.

Tax Planning Document

Family monthly budget


*A Taxpayers situation can change or vary year to year, and does so quite often.  Ex:  More or Less income, Dependent or no Dependent, Itemized or Standard, and many more determining factors.  Stay in tune!


email me at stephanie@paulinestaxservices.com to get detailed information.